MTube s.r.o. is the owner and manufacturer of the DECENTRALIZED FIRE PROTECTION EQUIPMENT - DPZ.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a third-millennium professional fire extinguisher for automotive, telecommunication and electro-technical industry with a minimal impact on the environment.

Before launching, we carried out a number of stress tests and checked everything at the National Testing Institute.

We offer not only effective fire extinguishing equipment but also a responsible approach with the promise of continuous development.

Business and service activities are provided through qualified and time-tested contractual partners in cooperation with A1 INVENTECH INC.



It is a patented flood-type fire extinguishing technology to suppress initial fires using clean extinguishing agent.

The Quality and processing is primarily intended for the industrial area and the automotive sector, with its concept being able to replace complex extinguishing systems.


foto: DPZ from CMS5 model series



Performance of DPZ system from PA ELECTRO series

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